EOY Top scorers

Subject top:
Admt: Rhea 👍
EL: David 👍
HCL: Zowie and Ryan 👍
HML: Zaky 👍
IH: Ryan 👍
Math: Kang Jing 👍
Science: David 👍
CL: Yan En 👍

Reminders for Geography tomorrow

Things to take note tomorrow:
1. Paper is provided
2. Please leave 3-line spacings after each question(for corrections)
3. Approved calculators are allowed

If anything is missed out, write in the comments

3/10 Reminders

There is no homework for today. However, please remember to revise for your exams.  Tomorrow we will be doing English paper 1 and paper 2.
You can still consult the following teachers: 1) Mr Liu 2) Ms Lee 3) Mr Tan 4) Mr Ng

EOY Items to Bring

1) Pencil case
    - Pens (recommended 2, dark blue or black)
    - 2B Pencil (recommended 2)
    - Eraser
    - Ruler
2) Ez-link card (student pass)
3) Water Bottle
4) Jacket
5) Revision materials (only to be used before and after exam)
6) Others
    - Stapler (with bullets)
    - Calculators (recommended to change batteries the previous night)
    - Chinese Dictionary (HCL/Chinese Paper 1, recommended to bring extra batteries)
    - Foolscap/Graph paper ---> will be provided but if you are worried, you can bring your own

*Please notify me if I have missed out anything, thank you*

Study hard! 🤗

2/10 Homework

Finish and mark your editing if you have not done so
Science (Physics)
Physics Worksheet
Revision Papers

Homework 29/9

1. Revise for EOY.

1. Revise for EOY, 1 hour left with Mr Liu for consultation during class time. Bring what you need to ask him on Monday.
2. Complete EOY 2016 Paper 2.

1. Bring Physics Notes & Revision Paper on Monday.
2. Revise on Health, Transportation & Environmental Science.

1. Revise for EOY.

1. Revise for EOY

1. Revise for EOY

1. Revise for EOY.

1. Revise for Geography.

Time left to start of E-O-Y Examinations: 5 days left