15 Feb HW

15 February Homework!


Mathematics: Algebra Worksheet
Science: Homework 2 (Due tomorrow) and Homework 1.
ADMT: Poster design journal and Poster. (Due Fri)
IRS: Book (Due tomorrow)
INE: Save the Doge XD
English: Annotations, Harrison Bergeron journal and AA

I Think That's it. Feel free to comment on what I missed out.

Sorry for stealing your job Aisyah! XD


  1. Thank you so much Zachary. Aisyah, David and I were caught up with something and weren't able to update (FYI to those who were wondering.).

  2. Zachary next time if u dont mind pls dun use gif, its kinda distracting. Thks for updating tho, i didnt hv time to update too

  3. In my defence I had CCA and I thought Ryan was gonna do it ISSOK THO ILL MAKE SURE NEXT TIME THANX ZACHARYYY :D


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