Homework 22 Feb

1) Lvl test 1 [Due 23 Feb]

1) Corrections for Digestion and Cellular Respiration HW2 [Due 27 Feb]
2) 2013 Revision [Due 27 Feb]
-Cell Structure and Organisation Pg 4 Q8
-Digestion and Cellular Respiration Pg 5 Q10 & Pg 7 Q12

Please bring your own compass for ADMT next week, there will be no sharing allowed


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  2. I&E Pitch (due tomorrow, 23 Feb 2016)
    I&E Visual Imagery

    Watch videos on Science and ADMT if you have not done so

    Teacher prep reccomendations:
    Prepare mindmaps on 10 plots (English)
    Make study notes (Science)
    Do/go through those thick notes given (Maths)
    Read chapters/pages noted (Integrated Humanities)
    Those who are struggling, please meet teachers of the subject this week as they will be busy next week. :D
    ~ur secretary :3


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