Homework 13th Feb

1a) AA Draft 2
1b) Annotations for "The Fun We Had", "Harrison Bergeron".
(A1a and 1b are due on 20th Feb, Monday.)
2. Read Red Sky in the Morning (Chapter 1 to 3) (Due on Wednesday, 15th Feb)

1. Percentage Worksheet (Due tomorrow, Tuesday, 14th Feb)

1.Fill in the blanks for Science Notes, "Transport in Humans". (Due tomorrow, Tuesday, 14th Feb)

Higher Chinese:
1.作文作业和改正 (Due tomorrow, Tuesday, 14th Feb)

1. Poster Design Submission on Google Classroom. (Due on 17th Feb)

Inter-disciplinary Studies:
Fill in Online Articles 1-3.

(If there are any homework that I have missed out, please inform me.)


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