Homework 16th Feb

English :
1.Draft 2 Submission
2. Annotations for “All Summer in a Day
(Both by next Monday, 20th Feb.)

Algebra Template.
(Submit on Google Classroom once done, by 21st Feb, Tuesday.)

Homework 1
(Due on Monday, 20th Feb)

Integrated Humanities:
Bring the Yellow File with 2 worksheets. (By tomorrow, 17th Feb, Friday.)

Inter-disciplinary Research Studies
Literature Review Template Articles 1-4 (Submit it on Google Classroom once done. By Monday, 20th Feb.)

Higher Chinese:
Complete the MCQ Comprehension Worksheet if you have not done so in class.
(Submit it by tomorrow, 17th Feb, Friday.)

Bring Mother Tongue File
Learn Spelling
Complete page 52 of Chinese Textbook.
(All due by tomorrow, 17th Feb.)

Poster Design
(Complete it as much as possible, we are going to review it tomorrow, 17th Feb, in class.
Submit it on Google Classroom by tomorrow, 2 p.m.)

Improve on your designs for “Save the Dog Challenge” and “Mobile Phone Designs”.
"Restaurant Ideas" on Google Classroom.


  1. quite sure for normal chinese its page 52 not 62.

  2. I & E complete the restaurant ideas if you haven't

  3. Ryan i think you shld check with everyone for the home work first b4 posting


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