Homework 20th Feb

English :
1. Read Red Sky in the Morning, Chapters 1-3 if you have not.
(By tomorrow, Tuesday, 21st Feb.)

1.Algebra Template.
(Submit on Google Classroom once done, by 21st Feb, Tuesday.)

1.Reproduction in Humans Worksheet
(Due on Thursday, 23th Feb)

Higher Chinese:
1.Spelling 5
(Submit it by tomorrow, Tuesday, 21st Feb.)

1.Composition Corrections
(Submit on Thursday, 23h Feb)


  1. Malay: Tokoh negara karangan(due tomorrow, pass to Hakimi)
    Kosa kata
    Ulasan artikel
    (Kosa kata and Ulasan Artikel for irresponsible ppl like me and Zaki who haven't done, due today, minggu 8 then due later uh don't worry I'm talking abt minggu 7nye)
    Kata kata mutiara (due Wednesday)

    IRS Articles 1-4 due today

    Mr thanapat hasn't collected the IH stuff so like idk just do if you haven't and woah there's those like 4 more ppl or smt that haven't done the thing online

    ENG FILES PPL I say as I forget to bring my eng file
    Research on stretches and stuff so ppl won't complain abt aches idrc this is just a class effort or stretch on ur own cos secretary cares lmao

    And try and do the thing at the back of the science notes idk when it's due but just do it don't let A1 in science be dreams

    sorry Ryan I forgot this week was my week I'll do Friday unless u want
    And minggu is week in Malay if you're confused/ocd
    me and zaky haven't done week7 and there's week8 due date coming too


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