Instructions from Mrs Ong for Monday, 20th March 2017

Dear 106 and 102,

I will be on MC tomorrow so I will need you to stay in your form class for ADMT lesson. A relief teacher will come in. Please do the following:

  • Finish till Slide 7 in your design journal. The link is in your google classroom. You can find my teacher's slides there too. Please ensure you share the slides with me. (
  • Draw 3 desk tidy ideas based on the theme you have chosen on the plain paper given to you by the relief teacher. Marks will be given to good drawings. At the end of the period, write your name and class and submit it to the relief teacher. The relief teacher will pass you the plain paper. 
I will teach you SCAMPER for your idea generation when I see you for the next lesson. Thank you. 

Pennie Wong
(Mrs Ong)
Academic Staff (Art, Design, Media & Technology)

1 Technology Drive, Singapore 138572
T: (65) 6571 7200 Ext 228 | F: (65) 6872 0856