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Dennis LAM 林文成

10:43 AM (20 hours ago)
to allallallallSecSecSecSecDoreenLimHin
HI Everyone,

Hope this email finds you well.

Every SST students has to complete the following survey. The responses will help us to improve on the CCA experiences in school for students. Please follow the following instructions:
1. You will have to log out from all Google-linked accounts, then log in with only your SST account using Chrome.
2. You can then access the form here

3. Complete the form truthfully, providing as much details and explanations as necessary in the last 3 open-ended responses.
4. Take a screenshot that confirms you have completed it. You are to submit the form by 9am on Wednesday, 26 April 17.

Please reflect on your CCA experiences THIS YEAR before answering the questions. Take your time to read and think through carefully - please be thorough and precise in your answers.

Thank you.

Warmest Regards,

Mr Dennis Lam
Fit for work, fit for play, fit for life!

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