Homework 13/4

1. Poetry Recitation Manual 101  (Due on Google Classroom by tomorrow, 14th April, 6 p.m..)

1. Summative Assessment (Due on Tuesday, 18th April, if you have not completed it.)
2. Revision Worksheet (Due on Tuesday, 18th April.)

1. Moment Worksheet (Given in class today. Due on Monday, 17th April.)

2. Science Mock Test (Biology) (Due on Monday, 17th April)

Higher Chinese:
1. 按错一课一测11,星期一交
2. 完成比句改正三,星期一交 (Note to Higher Chinese Students, check at the bottom of the page whether it says "Sec 1" or "Sec 3". If you have gotten the Secondary Three version, please do not do it. If you received the Secondary One version, you'll have to do the worksheet as normal.)
3. 听歌曲,完成周记《我的未来不是梦》
(All due on Monday)


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